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What do I do if I get Virtualmin Disk Quota Monitoring emails

If you get an email telling you that you are running out of space on your server you should either delete some files/email or contact us to arrange for extra space (there is a charge for extra space).

Usually this is caused by email accumulating on our servers.

You can check this by going to logging in and then clicking on the Edit Users link.,

There you will see a list of all the accounts associated with your server - sometimes there will be only one, the main admin account, and sometimes there will also be several additional email accounts.

The quota used column will show you how much space each account is using.

If a lot of email is being stored then you can free up space by either archiving email to your local computer or just deleting it.

To archive mail create a new folder using your mail program - but make sure it is on your local computer and move your email from the inbox or other folder on our server to the new folder.

If you are using POP you should probably check the delete after x days to automatically remove email from our server after it has been downloaded to your computer. Setting it to 7 or 14 days is probably a good idea.

If you are using IMAP - remember to empty the deleted messages folder from time to time.

Note: If you run out of space you will no longer be able to receive email, and possibly you won't be able to send email either.

We do have some premium email packages if you really need more space, or you need an Exchange server for use with Microsoft Outlook.  Send an email to for details.

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